Dec 15, 2009

Darling, Christmas is coming...

Téah's favorite Christmas song at the moment. (see title) by OTR. Can't go wrong with a little OTR playing during the Christmas season. Or any season for that matter. But I digress. I completely forgot to bring the camera with us when we cut down our tree this year - but we did get some pretty funny shots after we set up the tree at home. It seemed like such a small tree because at the Rural street house the ceilings were 11 and 12ft and we had huge trees. But our tree is perfect this year. Here are some pics for you -

attempt #6 million to get a picture of at least one of the dogs with the tree.

Kids cheezin' it up.

Micah completely cheezin' it up. Goofy kid.

John refused to let me delete this picture, so I may as well let you all get a good laugh out of it. This was during the attempt at getting dogs in front of the Christmas tree. Yes, it's a fabulous shot of mine and Tiny's rear ends.

Dec 14, 2009

the Cabin

John's parents have this great family cabin in Slippery Rock. It was John's grandmother's cabin and was passed down to his mom a few years ago. The amount of work they have done on this cabin in those few years is incredible. The Creasy family has always loved the cabin - but now everyone really loves to head up there in the spring/summer/fall and have a getaway. But perhaps no one loves it more than the grandkids! Well, maybe the dogs. But these pictures are of the kids at the cabin. (yes, I can finally start doing some catch up posts with pictures!)

tractor rides are a big hit at the cabin

Téah loves the swingset John and his Dad built up there. And she loves when Grandma pushes her on the swing, can you tell?

Working on Grandma's cabin garden. Notice Emma lays her frisbee right in the middle of the work so you can't ignore her.

Relaxing and enjoying your family this much can inspire some zany behavior.

back on the tractor.

It's usually a quiet ride home because the kids and the dogs are sound asleep before we're 5 minutes down the road.

Dec 13, 2009

I've been in a sewing mood lately. When I get into a groove with sewing/creating things I love it. The main problem with this is it tends to take over our dining room table. Right now there is an ironing board in the dining room, the sewing machine on the table and a million scrap fabric pieces are all over the place. Luckily, John is very understanding and as long as they get to eat, the kids don't really care either. In the past few days I've completed 3 projects, 1 is halfway and I have several others I'm scheming. We'll see how it goes. I would share what the projects are, except they're presents. So you'll have to wait until after Christmas. I'm taking pictures of the different things too - so hopefully I'll have the ability to show you pictures by then too.

One project was a skirt for Téah. I've had this pink fabric I've been hanging onto for two years now and it made a great skirt for her when combined with some brown fabric I had too. It's a bit long, but she loved it nonetheless. And now that I've done one it's easy and I can do more. Téah would wear skirts and/or dresses every day if I let her so this could save us some great money. She's small enough I can use mostly scraps and remnants. Score!

Dec 10, 2009

Moving out of our Rural Street home was very hard. It was hard for John and I and equally hard for Téah and Micah. (especially Téah) John and many other dear friends and wonderful family members put a lot of sweat, tears and plain hard work into that house. It looked nothing like the house we moved into with a 10 month old Téah when we moved out with a 4 year old Téah and an almost 2 year old Micah. That house on Rural Street will always hold a special place in our families' heart. We still drive by it almost weekly and Micah always screams "me house!!"

However, there have been some great things about our new place and some things about that old house that I am not missing.

- We heat our new house (new to us, it was built in the late 1930's) with a wood burning stove. It is wonderful! The downstairs is usually in the mid-high 60's and the upstairs in the low 60's. And we do have the option of individual electric baseboard heat all over the house if we need it during the really cold winter months. Compared to the sweltering 55 we set the heat at in our old house, this feels so good on a cold, blustery day like today.

- The layout of the house is nice. It's not nearly as big as our old house (purposeful decision) but it is more than big enough for our family. The kitchen is smaller, yes, but the dining room/living room are completely open to each other and there is a bathroom on the first floor and an extra room we have turned into a playroom. Which is great for the kids. They are even pretty good at cleaning up behind themselves when prompted. I have grand design ideas for that room but we'll see when/if they happen.

- The kids share a room. This may not sound like a good thing - but the front bedroom used to be two rooms and it's huge. The kids LOVE sharing. Really - they LOVE it. Eventually it will be the "boys' room" and Téah will get her own space. But for now Téah and Micah are very happy share their space (Téah does not like to sleep alone...) and the baby will have his own space which is ideal for a little while at least.

- No lead. (Ok, almost no lead - just a bit on the front porch which will be dealt with this spring. For now we don't use the front porch very often.) And if you followed my old blog at all - you know this is huge! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to let my new baby crawl all over the floor and not worry about the heavy metals he might be ingesting and poisoning his system with.

I'm on the hunt for my cord to get some new pictures up too. Soon enough. We're still unpacking - can you tell? Trust me, you don't want to open the door to what will be the baby's room right now. You can't even walk in there.
I ready to get back into blogging. About our life around here. Since I'm never sure where "here" is or where it could be in the future I'll leave it a bit ambiguous for now. Hope you'll join us in our life around here!