Mar 18, 2011

When I Survey

A version of "When I Survey" that John and I arranged and recorded a few years back. (done in our apartment while John was still in seminary, so the quality is not the best). I love this song especially during Lent, but the message is always appropriate.

Kids in March thru Pics

If you primarily see my blog imported into facebook I apologize for the double pictures!

Love baby bums and growing baby hair. (he's almost 1!)

Found Téah reading to Micah one morning. Love it.

Micah fell asleep on the couch waiting for dinner. Note to Mom: cook faster.

This is the view from outside the window in our stairwell. Cute, right?

Also, dangerous. He is obsessed with climbing the steps to look out this window.

Mar 14, 2011

a moment of our morning

Feet thumping above my head. Shrill screams of joy followed by outrageous laughter.

Door slams, door opens, door slams.

"Please don't slam doors! We leave the doors open!"


"What is the proper response?"

"yes, ma'am"

Silence. Little feet pitter patter down the hall, then back."



"I love you. Even if you're a ma'am. But I like Momma better."

"I love you too, Téah."

Mar 11, 2011

Lenten Decisions

You may have seen that John has made a decision to do a Lenten Fast this year. He is trying to fast from all things that go into a landfill. Now. I am all about this decision. In theory, at least. I will fully admit there are some things that I am not sure I'm willing to give up that cannot be recycled, burned, composted... you get the idea. And while I could say that is "John's fast" the truth is we live together. (yes, it's true!) So his fast, is my fast, at least in theory. I have not committed on the same level as John has to this, but I am trying and will keep trying to do my part.

I have never fasted from anything during Lent. Truth be told I had never even heard of Lent until moving to Pittsburgh in the mid 90's. I'm sure it is a bit of a rebellious attitude in me to not want to fast. This year I really wanted to do something though. I felt as though I should on more than one level - you could probably call it personal and more importantly spiritual conviction. However, after searching and thinking for a few days I could not think of one thing that I could fast from all of Lent that would actually help my mind be centered where it should. After all, isn't that the point of fasting? But I did come up with something think of something I could ADD. That's right, I'm switching it up.

I have decided that for this time of Lent I am going to exercise every day, except one weekend day (Sat or Sun) in some form or fashion. Meaning, some days I will do an exercise video in my house (have you seen Pittsburgh's weather in March?), some days I will walk/run and I might even take John up on his offer to ride his bike trainer. I believe this is good for my physical body that God has called me to care for. I have not been doing so like I should and I know it. My hope is that these times of exercise and care for my physical body will also grant space to pray and dwell with God.

I also knew that if I went public with my decision for Lent I might be asked about it which makes me more likely to follow through. So. Here I go! (Day 3 and 3 days of exercise. So far, so good.)

What are you doing for Lent?